And it’s off to the presses…

CDcoverNEWlgWe did it!

The 10 tracks are off to Precision Disc in BC and they’ll be ready when we land later this month!

The design was of course done by Cailin and was the first ‘job’ since closing down her graphic design work to focus on art and writing music.

Tour Dates

Robert has been busy trying to line up shows in BC and, as of now, has managed to find some great spots to share the new tunes. Below are dates and each has a link to Facebook events. Please share with folks you know who live near these show dates!


Questions? Contact us!

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The Countdown Begins…

Songs on papersAlmost done!

We recorded the last vocal track the other day for our new album! Yay! We’re so excited! It is, without a doubt, the best work we’ve written and produced thus far and are over-the-top excited to share it with you. It’s been a wild ride these last couple of months, not only with the writing and recording, but also with our successful Kickstarter campaign Continue reading

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Kickstarter Campaign

We’re recording a new CD and need your help!

CDcoverNEWlgWe are deep in the makings of a new CD and need your help to finish it. The costs of production, studio time, musician time, CD manufacturing and promo, costs well over $10,000. We are doing our best to pay as much of it as we can ourselves, but it is a daunting task so we’ve initiated a ‘KickStarter Campaign‘.. Since moving to Nova Scotia two and a half years ago to be closer to a thriving music scene (and cheaper housing), it has been a struggle to Continue reading

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Welcoming in 2015…

Happy New Year! We had a great break over Christmas! We turned off all the electronic devices in our world, except for our home phone of course, from Christmas through New Years! It was good to disconnect and get ready for the studio in the coming weeks.
But, just before Christmas, we recorded a couple of seasonal songs with Jimmie Inch.
Jimmie produces the “Sessions” TV show. Here’s what happened at our house…

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Fall flings…

We’ve been busy with so many things!


Cailin's art site... go now!Cailin has dropped out of the graphic design business after about 30 years of printing, design and marketing work. Now she is focusing on painting and mixed media work in her studio. Then she writes music when she wants a break. Check out her site at for a peek at some of the very cool things she is working on!

Studio fun

We’re working on some of our new songs for the next album with Jamie Robinson. So far we have Continue reading

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