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Welcoming in 2015…

Happy New Year! We had a great break over Christmas! We turned off all the electronic devices in our world, except for our home phone of course, from Christmas through New Years! It was good to disconnect and get ready for the studio in the coming weeks.
But, just before Christmas, we recorded a couple of seasonal songs with Jimmie Inch.
Jimmie produces the “Sessions” TV show. Here’s what happened at our house…

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Fall flings…

We’ve been busy with so many things!


Cailin's art site... go now!Cailin has dropped out of the graphic design business after about 30 years of printing, design and marketing work. Now she is focusing on painting and mixed media work in her studio. Then she writes music when she wants a break. Check out her site at for a peek at some of the very cool things she is working on!

Studio fun

We’re working on some of our new songs for the next album with Jamie Robinson. So far we have Continue reading

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Gigs & Blogs & Summer Fun

SAC ( posts a wee article…songwriters

We got a FACTOR Grant !! :-) The Foundation to Asssist Canadian Talent on Recordings provides great opportunities for new and established artists. We applied for, and received, a grant to produce some demo work. We wrote about this in relation to the writing and music process and ended up having it published online here.

Gigs coming up!

Tay Creek FestivalTay Creek2

What a fabulous festival in a great location north of Fredericton, NB. We had a great set and really enjoyed the stay with the land owner and initial organizer, Jenny! We hope to go back next year for sure!

Our spare time…

cailin fishCailin has been busy in the art studio! Check out her latest projects at including her ‘Junk Drawers’ and other works of creative chaos!

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It’s Summer! and there’s some news…

Robert + Cailin aka Green over CampbellCampbell + Green are off and running full speed ahead into their busy summer schedule. With brand new tunes we’re excited to share with you, more bookings are being added weekly. Here are some of the highlights so far:

June 20,  7pm – 11pm, Grandview Golf & Country Club on Cranehill Road, Westphal

  – a great spot, great food and open to the public!
Starting up new this year, the folks at the Grandview Golf & Country Club have invited us to provide an evening’s entertainment, along with a few other bands on Friday evenings through the season in the restaurant. We’re thrilled to be playing there several times this summer… check our calendar and come on out! Open to the public.

June 28, 10am – 1pm, Wolfville Farmers Market

– always a fun time!

 June 29- July 3, Road to Stanfest Songwriting Camp

– looking forward to new inspiration and new tunes! Chosen artists from the camp will perform at Stanfest, Saturday, July 5, 3pm

 July 10th, Campbell + Green will be opening up for Ken Yates at The Company House.

Can’t wait!  Born and Raised in London, Ontario, Ken Yates moved to Boston to study songwriting at Berklee College of Music. It was there that he developed his skills as a songwriter, releasing his first CD, “The Backseat EP”, and received the opportunity to play a song for one of his biggest influences, John Mayer. Mayer even posted a full page blog about Yates’ ability as a writer stating, “Ken Yates wrote a song called ‘I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love’… this song moved me when I first heard it and still does today”. Yates’ EP received high critical acclaim, leading to a slew of online covers from fans. He has toured with many notable names including veteran singer/songwriter and mentor, Livingston Taylor, Sister Hazel, Peter Katz, and Liz Longley and has songs in heavy rotation on Sirius XM’s The Coffee House where he was nominated for The Coffee House Songwriter Discovery of the Year. His debut full length album twenty-three, recorded in Holland and produced by Joren van der Voort is available now with Mishara Music

July 11th, 7pm – 11pm, Grandview Golf & Country Club on Cranehill Road, Westphal

– a great spot, great food and open to the public

 July 25th, 6:10pm – 7pm, Tay Creek Folk Festival, New Brunswick

– The Tay Creek Folk Festival is a boutique three-day festival only 25 minutes outside Fredericton. The Tay Creek Festival offers all genre of musical styles including Folk; Blues and Bluegrass; Country; Celtic; Classic and Indie Rock with a variety of music workshops and impromptu jam sessions, interesting crafts, and yummy homemade food. The Festival is held at Tay Ridge Farm, 3888 Route 620, Tay Creek, NB, E6B 1K2. There are 600 beautiful acres spanning the North and South Tay rivers to hike and explore as well as a swimming beach where you can take a picnic and your instruments, so don’t forget to bring along your hiking shoes and swimming gear. For more information visit

Aug. 2nd, 10am – 1pm, Antigonish Farmers Market

– love playing the markets!

Aug. 8th, 7pm – 11pm, Grandview Golf & Country Club on Cranehill Road, Westphal

– a great spot, great food and open to the public

Aug. 14th, 10pm, Baba’s Lounge, Charlottetown, PEI

– after having played there during the East Coast Music Awards, we thought it would be great fun to do it again! A really neat room, neat people, neat music.

Aug. 15th, Hollywood Star Room, Ripples, New Brunswick

– run by a chef with a hugely fun personality, this venue could be called a deluxe house concert venue! Our friends from the band Lucid tell us it’s an awesome place to play. Can’t wait!

Aug. 29,  7pm – 11pm, Grandview Golf & Country Club on Cranehill Road, Westphal

– a great spot, great food and open to the public

Sept. 12, 7pm – 11pm, Grandview Golf & Country Club on Cranehill Road, Westphal

– a great spot, great food and open to the public

In addition to these gigs, we will be getting back into the studio any day now to start work on a second album of all original tunes which we are very exited about. We will be working once again with our most excellent producer, Jamie Robinson, whose creative abilities never cease to astound us. Bring it on!

And check out the happenings at ROCA house!

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We’re ridin’ in Jeff’s car, the ECMA’s, Writing and Spring Concerts

Lot’s of ‘CAR STUFF’ in this post! The shoot for Jeff’s Musical Car is out and here it is… Thanks Jeff!!!

Well that was an interesting drive eh?!

Going to the ECMA’s on PEI (first time on PEI for Robert & not since the 70’s for Cailin!) was a bumpy, foggy and fun ride too. :-) We won Continue reading

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